The jess purity test is a very known way to determine how much of a laelaserv member you are.
if you are min then you might get a 100%

This is a bucket list. do everything on this list.


  1. Been simped on by keef?
  2. Been mistaken as a homosapien with a vagina by keef?
  3. Had sex?
  4. Broken someones penis during sex? (cough cough sarah)
  5. Considered moving to another country with a lower age of consent than your own?
  6. Done the BDSM test?
  7. Had sexual thoughts about someone you know that you are not in a relationship with?
  8. Flexed on others about your sex life? (cough cough luna)
  9. Had sex or had sexual thoughts with goats?
  10. Fucked upside down?
  11. Been involved with the horny gang?
  12. Been sent thighs by fem?
  13. Jerked off to a person you know?
  14. Had rule34 drawn of you?
  15. Been sent lewd dms by Luna or fem?
  16. Had esex??
  17. Used a slur?
  18. Been called a slur?
  19. Masturbated while someone else was in the room?
  20. Have an anime bodypillow?
  21. Masturbated with a microphone?
  22. Own a piece of clothing with ahegao faces on it?
  23. Fucked a fan?
  24. Joined bensurv?
  25. Tried to fuck a microwaved fruit?
  26. Received child porn in your dms?
  27. Banned from teenserv?
  29. Received a 49% or lower on the rice purity test?
  30. Cheated on someone during a relationship? :(
  31. Bullied jules or dimeria?
  32. Jerked off to #self in teenserv?
  33. Received a dick/vagina pic in dms?
  34. Married someone?
  35. Sucked someone off?
  36. Said lewd things about or relating to someone 3+ years younger than you?
  37. Sent unsolicited horny messages in laelaserv? (cough cough luna jade fem)
  38. Been arrested?
  39. Smoked?
  40. Snorted someones ashes?
  41. Been walked in on while having sex?
  42. Been walked in on while masturbating?
  43. Tried to suck your own cock?
  44. Broke a bone after falling off your bed?
  45. Been abused by a mod in laelaserv?
  46. Murdered someone?
  47. Seriously used 4chan?
  48. Committed incest?
  49. Been in a strip club?
  50. Been expelled from school?
  51. Raided a Discord server?
  52. Took a piss in public?
  53. Listened to 'Teacher Gives You a F Whilst You Give Her The D (Roleplay ASMR)'?
  54. Committed war crimes?
  55. Attended an orgy?
  56. are u a failed abortion???????
  57. Fucked 10+ people in 1 month?
  58. Ate dog?
  59. Seen Boku No Pico?
  60. Seen blenderfish?
  61. Seen Euphoria? (the anime)
  62. Bought a dildo or another related object?
  63. Got aids? 😎
  64. Witnessed the 6/14 murders?
  65. Received a friend request from jonathan galindo?
  66. Jerked off to hentai?
  67. Joined in on a mod hate bandwagon?
  68. Have a rabbit fuck you?
  69. ?
  70. Ever taken a shit?
  71. Been sexually aroused by Kanye West?
  72. Held hands with someone who isn't your mom you fucking virgin?
  73. Viewed r/teenagers snoo rule34?
  74. Laughed at a george floyd meme?
  75. Participated in bestiality?
  76. Contemplated whether life was worth living or not after your house was blown up by a creeper?
  77. Lost your virginity outside?
  78. Had sex with someone who is 4+ years older than you??
  79. Had sex while someone else was in the room?
  80. Stalked someone?
  81. Been filmed having sex or masturbating?
  82. Traveled 100 or more miles just to have sex?
  83. Had sex in roblox or minecraft? (cough cough prama)
  84. Fucked ur pillow u fucking virgin?
  85. Impregnated someone or been impregnated? 😎
  86. Tried to seduce a laelaserv mod?
  87. Sent someone child porn you fucking freak?
  88. Been in a relationship with more than 1 person?
  89. Died?
  90. Killed an animal?
  91. Had a stalker?
  92. Fantasized about fucking a fictional character?
  93. Catfished someone?
  94. Used a subreddit like r/jerkofftocelebs?
  95. Failed no nut november?
  96. Completed no nut november?
  97. Failed destroy dick december?
  98. Completed destroy dick december?
  99. Been hacked?
  100. Croc

Your score: